The training hall is equipped with a 270 qm mat surface from Foeldeak®. Three 86-inch screens with individual camera viewing angles and replace/delay function allow detailed recordings and analysis of the actions.

Fitness Area

The fitness center at the Austrian National Wrestling Center offers athletes everything they need to prepare themselves physically in the best possible way for their athletic challenges. We have a variety of high quality areas and equipment specifically designed to meet the needs of wrestlers.

Our barbell racks are ideal for strength training and enable targeted training.

For weightlifting, we offer special weightlifting platforms that provide you with optimal conditions for training Olympic weightlifting exercises.

Our Cardio Area is equipped with a variety of cardio equipment, including treadmills, cycle ergometers, cross trainers and rowing machines.

We also offer a variety of other facilities to help you prepare for your sport in the best possible way.

dressing room/sauna

The locker rooms at the Austrian National Wrestling Center offer separate areas for men and women.

Each area has showers, toilets as well as a sauna to meet the needs of the athletes.

Recreation room/kitchen

Cozy lounge with a view of the training hall.

The spacious kitchen in this training center is fully equipped for cooking and has a coffee maker.